MeSheMe Dazzles Café de Paris With Affordable Fashion Catwalk


The beautiful Café de Paris played host to the launch of the new ethical fashion brand MeSheMe, for an evening of fashion, music, and London glitz. E3 had prepared the venue and compiled a guest of people from fashion bloggers to celebrities. 

As the doors opened, a keen and eclectic crowd had already formed. 200 people came down the stairs of the famous Leicester Square venue to be greeted by the wonderful Victoria Hart and Hannah Bates, before moving in to the mezzanine to listen to a stunning vocal performance by Hazel Karooma-Brooker. The ethical nature of this new fashion brand was received warmly and displayed proudly through 4 large banners with stories of the low wages paid to workers in the Leicester textiles industry. MeSheMe’s innovative idea is to allow manufacturers to sell their products directly to the consumer, thus eliminating the problem of large brands forcing small factories to take on large contracts for little money. 

As the dancefloor opened and the guests begun to make their way down the double staircase, the seats closest to the catwalk filled out quickly, as people were keen to see the production. The catwalk – brilliantly directed and choreographed by Stuart Dawes – was picture perfect as the press came in to take photos of Miss England, Miss Bangladesh, and Miss Sunderland to name just a few. The show was rounded off by a speech from MeSheMe founder - Saeed Khilji - who spoke about the ways in which he wants to change the fashion industry for the better, all while some of the people who have benefited from hit ethical stance on textiles manufacturing joined him on stage as his VIP’s. 

E3 would like to thanks Stuart Dawes, Victoria Hart, Hannah Bates, and Hazel Karooma-Brooker from The Brighton Academy, and Lindsey Brett from Design interiors, each of whom helped make the evening the visual spectacular that it was.

E3 are proud to have organized and choreographed this fantastic event, and hope to do many more like it in the future. 

Matt Rigby